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Welcome to Saipan Blue!

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"Make it Saipan Blue"
The C o l o r Naming Project!
(Originally launched May 1, 2017) A long-term, international, crowd-funded campaign to make Saipan Blue the official name of a globally-recognized color!
Everywhere you look...Saipan blue! (Design: Walt F.J. Goodridge)
"Every visitor to our island knows it's true,
the water and the skies are a stunning Saipan blue!"
This is what Saipan Blue (HTML #3366FF) looks like on a computer screen
This is what it looks like in real life! No retouching! No Photoshop!
Saipan Blue....Bird Island (Photo: Christian Scherkenbach)

What is this????

The launch of a campaign to make "Saipan Blue" the official name of a color recognized by Crayola/Pantone/Paint manufacturers, etc., around the world!"

Where is Saipan?

where is saipan
Located in the western Pacific ocean, a short flight from Guam and 3 hours from Japan, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) is a popular tourist destination rich in history, culture and natural beauty and resources. Saipan, just 5 miles wide by 12 miles long, is the largest and most populated of the 14 islands making up an archipelago that stretches 400 miles (north to south) along the edge of the Marianas Trench.


aipan was first home to Chamorros and Carolinians, then colonized by Spain, then Germany, then Japan until the end of World War II. The Battle of Saipan, one of the World War II's deadliest, turned the tide of the war, for it was the US victory on Saipan that allowed the construction of runways on its sister island of Tinian, from which the Enola Gay took off on its fateful, war-ending mission to bomb Hiroshima. The island has been part of the United States ever since.


Yes, Saipan is unique in many ways. There's the documented fact we have "the cleanest air in the United States." There's our proximity to the Marianas Trench, and the role our residents played in getting a portion of the ocean designated as a Marine National Monument during the George Bush administration! There's our balmy tropical climate, and that (it's said) we're cited by the Guinness Book of World Records as having "the least fluctuating temperatures in the world." All that, plus a diverse mix of people including an indigenous population, Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Filipinos, Bangladeshis, Russians and mainland US transplants, makes this one of America's most unique places to live!

What is "Saipan Blue?"

Beautiful Saipan, an island of unique history, diverse culture, and once the site of tremendous horror and destruction emerged from the ashes of the war to reclaim its natural beauty. Tourists to this island--whether from Japan, China, Korea, Russia, Europe or the US mainland--as well as local residents invariably say the same thing when they experience the waters in the Saipan lagoon on a sunny day: "I've never seen such amazing shades of blue!"
Yes, "Saipan Blue" is an actual color that exists in Nature. Virtually, in paints and software descriptions and terminology, the closest approximation to Saipan blue exists as PMS312 (Pantone), #3366FF (HTML), (RGB). We want children, designers, painters, webmasters and other creative folks refer to it by its name: SAIPAN BLUE!

What is the Saipan Blue Project?

The Saipan Blue Project was conceived to honor the beauty of Saipan's, Tinian's and Rota's natural beauty by simply renaming this amazing shade of blue; henceforth to be known as "Saipan Blue!" We wish companies and organizations like Crayola, Pantone, Adobe, the HTML Standards and others that provide color options and swatches for painters, designers, artists, etc., to include "Saipan Blue" in their palettes from now on!

Webmasters: Copy and paste this code to add our logo to your website:
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Why this is important

In the grand scheme of things to take action on, it may not be as urgent as climate change. It may not seem as life-changing as granting clemency. However, this little petition may have a profound effect on thousands of lives, not just now, but for the long term.
Since the demise of the garment industry on Saipan in 2009, the economy of the Northern Mariana Islands has rested precariously upon one footing: that of tourism. While its white sand beaches, beautiful sunsets, cultural diversity and historical significance are known to a few, tourism to Saipan would benefit from the boost that this attention would provide. Tourism would increase. Jobs would be saved. The economy would improve. Families would be kept together, and their dreams of a better life would be achieved.
Even though I'd lived in the mainland United States for most of my life, I'd never even heard about Saipan until two months before I got here. Imagine, however, how the success of this little petition would affect the awareness of the next generation when a four-year-old can choose or ask for "Saipan blue" to color a picture in a coloring book.
Imagine the effect on everyday conversation when a homeowner discusses paint options with an interior designer and can choose or ask for "Saipan blue" when making decisions. Builders, architects, painters, graphic designers all using "Saipan blue" in the course of their business and creative endeavors!
Why, therefore, is simple. To encourage the rest of the world to turn its eyes towards Saipan. This little petition has he power to spark conversation, encourage further research, increase awareness, land us in the headlines, and once the campaign is successful, ultimately bring these islands a much-needed economic boost! This is simply about making us part of the world's conversation so we can say "Come experience 'Saipan Blue' for yourself!"


What if boxes of crayons featured it as a new color? (photo: mmstudiocom)
What if children could ask for it by name? (photo: oksun70)
What if interior designers, painters could see it as an option? (photo: rmarmion)
...and families could use it anyway they chose to? (photo: gpointstudio)
Yes, even cars, boats, cups, refrigerators....everywhere you look, Saipan Blue! Yes, that's the vision.. and here's how you can help:

HELP US MAKE IT OFFICIAL! (We Need Your Support)

1. Sign our Change.org petition (to show these companies your support of the idea)
2. Contribute a few dollars to the fundraiser (to pay for website hosting, public awareness campaign, press release distribution and initial merchandise printing)
3. Spread the word to your social networks!
It's that simple! (Scroll down for clickable list of STEPS)

p.s. Contribute and I'll post your name on the SaipanBlue website as a donor for all eternity! (Unless you request otherwise) Email me

Gallery: Everywhere you look, Saipan Blue!

Saipan Blue from Banzaii Cliff

Saipan Blue on the way to Forbidden Island (Photo: Christian Scherkenbach)
Saipan Blue looking out at the lagoon towards Managaha (Photo: Christian Scherkenbach)
(Photo: Christian Scherkenbach)

The following video appeared on the China Travel Channel April 12, 2017! Check out the Amazing Saipan blue waters!
If not visible, "right click" to download or click here to view

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$200: Above plus 1 hour Passion to Profit consulting sesion
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How your funds are used

I need to count on the support of as many people as possible in order to make this project a reality. Your contribution to the first phase of the crowfunding drive will help me maintain an online presence and publicize the idea to the public and the media. Every single dollar matters toward making this project a huge success.
The money will be used towards:
*Paying skilled people and established companies to design logos as necessary, distribute press releases, maintain the website and do translations (Very important to empower our already diverse population to spread the word back in their home countries and networks). It includes public relations phone calls, community outreach (per diems for volunteers), travel to meet with key opinion-shapers and obtaining letters of support, plus printing/copying and more. (Note: If you'd like your funds used for a specific purpose, add a comment during checkout and I'll send you a receipt, screenshots or other proof)
Specific PHASE 1 expenses include:
• Website domain registration: 14.99/year x 5 years = $ 74.95
• Website hosting: 9.95/month x 60 months (5 years) = $ 597.00 (1and1.com)
• 3 Facebook "Boost" campaigns: 30days x $6/day x 3 = $540.00
• Press Release Distribution (PRweb) 369.00 (PRweb.com)
• Press Release Distribution {OpenPress) 10.00
• Professional Logo design (99designs): 99.00
• Change.org promotion boost 100.00
subtotal 1,789.95 Say $2,000
headshot of Walt F.J. Goodridge Once upon a time, there was a Jamaican civil engineer living in New York who hated his job. He followed his passion, started a sideline business, escaped the rat race, ran off to a tropical island in the Pacific, and started a tourism business so he could give tours of the island to pretty girls every day...and live a nomadpreneur's dream life....and help others do the same!"
My name is Walt Goodridge and that's the short version of my story. That tropical island was (and is) Saipan! Here's my official bio BEFORE coming to Saipan:
Walt F.J. Goodridge is from Jamaica, West Indies, A graduate of Columbia University with a B.S. in Civil Engineering, Walt was a frustrated employee until he walked away from his career to follow his passion--first for music, then for writing and helping others. Now, as the "Passion Prophet," he helps others discover, develop and profit from the pursuit of their passions. Walt has written over 24 books including Turn Your Passion into Profit and Living True to Your Self, as well as several books on health including A Clean Cell Never Dies, over 500 inspirational poems ("life rhymes)," and over 400 business and motivational articles. The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, Source, Billboard, Time, Black Enterprise, Essence, Ebony, South Africa's SArie Magazine as well as many others have featured Walt's insights and instruction. His books have been used as texts for university courses, and his thoughts and ideas have been quoted in books by Guerrilla Marketing guru Jay Conrad Levinson, music industry pioneer Chuck D, and other business authors world wide. Learn more about Walt's Passion Profit philosophy, formula and coaching at www.passionprofit.com
Upon arriving here on Saipan in 2006, I was immediately captivated by Saipan's beauty and culture, and also recognized there was an opportunity to help others discover it for themselves! Since then I've been able to see several Saipan-specific projects through to success:
• I conceived of and launched WeLoveSaipan, which became the online home of the island's first blogger movement. I've gone on to launch bestofsaipan.com, saipanliving.com, newsaipan.com, discoversaipan and many other Saipan-specific sites.
• I've written several books about Saipan including
Chicken Feathers & Garlic Skin: Diary of a Chinese Garment Factory Girl on Saipan* with Chun Yu Wang (The only first-hand account of what it was like to be garment factory worker on Saipan; used in at least 3 US college level courses on Textiles and Women's Studies)
The Saipan Living Relocation Guide
Doing Business on Saipan
Saipan Now! A Photo Adventure
Jamaican on Saipan
From Bugle Boy to Battleship, and have edited, ghost written and collaborated on several others.
• Here on Saipan, I conduct PassionProfit and writer's workshops to help other Saipan residents pursue their own passions and tell their stories.
• I write freelance articles for the Saipan Tribune, the Marianas Variety and Marianas Business Journal on a variety of entrepreneurial, health and tourism-related topics. For five years, I did the Saipanpreneur Project column for the Tribune (archives
• I offer personalized tours for visitors to Saipan and specialize in World War II Pilgrimage tours. I love to meet other travelers, learn more about their lives and share my love of Saipan with them. It is in this capacity as tour guide that I've become most aware of Saipan's amazing beauty, culture and history which the Saipan Blue Project hopes to highlight.
• I've been recognized by CNMI Senate for these and other contributions to CNMI Society.
After living a soul-draining, life-sapping, energy-depleting, freedom-robbing job for seven years before I finally escaped to live life on my own terms, Saipan represents a phase of my life story in which I experience happiness and beauty every day. Moving here ranks as one of the top three decisions of my life. For me, this project is about giving something back to help a little island in the western Pacific that is part of my story!
Even if this first phase of public awareness and crowd support doesn't reach the right ears in time for official decisions from the top, rest assured, this is only the beginning! There's more than one way to introduce a new idea into public use. We've got articles, songs, more letter-writing campaigns and and ongoing push to add "Saipan blue" to the public lexicon! Join us to make it happen!
There's Saipan, its history, its beauty, its people, there's Saipan blue, plus a passionate and committed project manager....the only thing missing from this equation is YOU! Please help!

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